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Thinking outside-the-box
By Genevieve Dobson

As you will see in my most recent video shown below you must think outside-the-box when you deal with student loan debt.  Student loans have different rules and regulations and different repayment options.  Especially when we are talking about federal student loans.  There are many ways for you to put off making payments on your student loans or reduce your payments but you have to recognize the ability to do so.

When you begin to think outside-the-box it allows you to see your loans differently and begin to find solutions on how to best handle the debt that may seem foreign at first.  However, just like anything else you can manage your student loan debt effectively once you take the time to learn about the different options or contact a company like Degrees of Success for help.

Federal student loans have repayment options like IBR, ICR, ICR-A and the Pay-as-you-earn plan.  Once you recognize that this is outside of the normal options available for any other debt you have you can begin to determine which option is best for you and go about managing your debt effectively.

Thinking outside-the-box is a great way to think with regards to many different aspects in your life.  It is certainly a powerful tool when managing your student loan debt.