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        Remember how so many people were denied Public Service loan forgiveness because of an error in the document provided, or not completing the right payment program, or some other random reason the student loan company came up with to deny you? Well, there is a chance to have all those payments you made count even if you made a mistake!!!

       This news is huge and could mean possible immediate forgiveness for some or forgiveness for others much sooner than we originally calculated.

       But you must ACT NOW. With anything and everything the government does there is a time limit on getting into the right program with the right loan type and the correct payment program. They will not give borrowers another chance.

       For Public Service Loan Forgiveness there is a limited waiver opportunity that allows for many to qualify as long as they had a qualifying employer.

       If you or anyone you know may fit the requirements I strongly suggest you contact me right away to go over the eligibility requirements and to allow me to assist in getting you the forgiveness you deserve.

Schedule a call ASAP at to get you qualified!

Finally, true relief is here but you must proactively ensure you take advantage of it before it is gone!

I look forward to assisting.

Dr. Gen Dobson

Degrees of Success

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