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Introducing myself and Degrees of Success
By Genevieve Dobson

I want to introduce myself and my company, Degrees of Success, and tell you why following my story could really help you.  I am gonna take you back to the beginning of my journey onto the road of entrepreneurship although who I am began long before that.  We will delve into that story another day.

I began working for a company called Graduate Leverage in 2005.  Graduate Leverage taught me so much about the student loan industry and client management.  I blossomed as a person working for them and gained an abundant amount of knowledge and resources.  I worked for Graduate Leverage for 5 years but when they offered me a position in their Boston office I declined and stayed in Tampa Florida.

I then started working for a for-profit college in 2010 which has to be the worse company to work for in the history of horrible companies to work for.  However, one good thing that came out of working there was my drive to work for myself.  I did also gain even more knowledge about the student loan world and the rules and guidelines set forth by the Department of Education.  I took all of that knowledge and officially opened Degrees of Success.

Now I enjoy running my business full time, going to networking events, workshops and meeting with clients. I spend most of my day keeping abreast to guidelines and regulations and informing my clients and followers of these changes so they know how to best handle their debt.

I work with many clients one-on-one to explain rules and regulations, help them decrease their monthly burdens and qualify for different government programs like gaining subsidy payments on interest from the government and even forgiveness options.  I do this by filling out paperwork for my clients, contacting the lender on their behalf and negotiating deals to reduce their payments or total debt burden.  In this way, I am always working with clients to decrease their student loan debt and keep them out of default so they have a true opportunity to reach for the American Dream and keep a few dollars in their pocket.

I took a big leap starting this business and decided to dedicate all of my time, energy and resources on making it a success.  Its a ton of hard work but the things in life worth having are worth fighting for. Below you will find a link to my video where I talk all about my leap story and allow you to get to know me and my company.  I hope you get a chance to take a look and continue to follow me on my channel on YouTube at Degrees of Success so I can provide free information about debt; what it is, how to manage it, and best of all: free tricks to get rid of it!