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How many times have you read or heard from the Internet or even your Student Loan Servicing company to avoid scams from companies who say they are going to help you get forgiveness or reduce your student loan payments?  But how do you know who is a scammer and who isn’t?  What if you could be missing out on a company helping you to sift through all the government paperwork in order to qualify for a lower payment or even potential forgiveness (like we do) but you’re scared of being scammed!  What if I told you that your student loan servicing company may be the real scammer???  Don’t take my word for it; Google it or check out these links below:

Now with all this being said, its hard to know who to trust when it comes to your student loans however you can’t keep burying your head in the sand hoping you are managing your student loans correctly without any guidance. You have to turn to someone for advice on the 8 different repayment options that are available and the 3 different forgiveness programs. Did you know there were 8 repayment options and 3 forgiveness options? If not, this may be why getting help is necessary.  Now unfortunately, you are just gonna have to do some homework to help you determine who to trust.

Here are some tips:

  • Google the company name to see what comes up.  
  • Read the reviews of others who have used the service
  • Check out their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter
  • Look them up on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see what they have to say
  • Ask good questions to determine their knowledge base about student loans
    • Ask how long they have worked in the Student Loan Industry
    • How many clients do they currently help
    • Have they ever been sued by a client or organization
  • Listen to your gut 
Many times we are so overwhelmed with information that we do nothing and this can be detrimental to our success when managing our student loans.  Degrees of Success has been helping clients for over 8 years (the founder has over 14 years experience).  You can check them out on the BBB site by clicking the link below:
With an A+ Rating you can rest assured that you can trust them to assist you in managing your student loans more advantageously.
To schedule a free call go to their website and no longer suffer with your debt:

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