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You’ve recently graduated, and now you’re ready to start a career or head to graduate school. The thought of that can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. You may be basking in all the praise and excitement as a new grad. Well, don’t ruin your new glow by ignoring the inevitable. 
Taking practical steps towards your future can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re carrying the weight of your student loan debt once you arrive to your new job or school. But your debt doesn’t have to crush the reality of your dreams. 
Don’t take it from us – you can get it straight from the horse’s mouth! USA TODAY recently got the scoop from three college grads who faced a ton of debt post-grad. Each person shared their story of how they were able to overcome their financial crises with strategic and creative ingenuity.
Take Melanie Lockert for example: Melanie earned her undergraduate degree in theater at California State University, and obtained a Master of Arts at New York University. Between the two degrees, she managed to accumulate $81,000 in student loan debt. After she graduated, she struggled to find a job, so she began work as a freelance writer. Dealing with the burden of her debt, Melanie felt inspired to start her own blog called, “Dear Debt,” and now works as a full time writer!
Before taking that next step in your professional career, you should begin thinking strategically about how you plan to take care of your student loan debt. You don’t want anything holding you back from succeeding in life, including a cumbersome amount of debt. 
Like Melanie, and a ton of other success stories, you can begin to take control of debt instead of being ruined by it!
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