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This month, we’re celebrating the 2 year anniversary of “Failing Successfully: Life after Debt”! Starting today the book will be ON SALE on Amazon! The sale runs through January 22nd, 2016.

“Failing Successfully” is a must-have for those who are seeking to take control of their debt! It’s the perfect way to kick start your journey to financial recovery. There are debt options available and in this book I provide a guide to the many answers that borrowers seek.

Through years of experience, I divulge a wealth of knowledge to help you manage your student loan debt. I provide tools on how to successfully manage your debt and finally be able to enjoy your academic success rather than being ashamed of the debt that has been accumulated throughout your career.

My struggles and persistence have allowed me to open my own debt management company that helps those who never knew there were other options. I firmly believe success comes to those who are willing to fail and, instead of giving up, push harder to succeed!

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**Kindle edition will be available soon