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Your Grace is ending…don’t Procrastinate!

Remember from the fine print, once your student loan grace period ends the interest will capitalize on the principal, thereby, making the balance higher and essentially meaning your total debt increases for what you will owe to creditors.

The first bill for your repayment plan arrives requesting a standard payment that may be too high for you to be able to meet financially.  Efforts to communicate your inability to meet those payments and to request a consolidation can typically take 45 days or more to go through.

DebtFree_JustAheadOn average, it can take 30 days just to adjust your repayment plan, even longer if you don’t know what plan you should be in.  That’s why this information is important to you, so you don’t wait until the last minute to determine your options. Remember the New York Times opinion column?!

By getting an assessment of your loans now, you can determine if you qualify

1) to reduce your payment amount

2) You may even be able to get free subsidy money from the government

3) and see if you are eligible for loan forgiveness

Waiting to the last minute forces you to make hasty decisions, which may not be the best plan or outcome for you while you are trying to begin working towards your future.

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