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In 2013 are we ready to keep it real yet?
By Genevieve Dobson

Everyone knows that going to a College or University after graduating High School is the right thing to do, right?  So why isn’t it working?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics our nations Unemployment rate is 7.7%. Albeit this is down slightly from the daunting 8.3% from 2012 and 9.0% in 2011 it doesn’t mean that people are employed with jobs that pay them what they are worth.  They just have jobs.  Many today have jobs that don’t even cover the high student loan debt burden they have to pay back on a monthly basis.  Which is why more and more graduates are defaulting on their student loans.

“The FY [Fiscal Year] 2009 three-year rates announced today capture the cohort of borrowers whose loans entered repayment between Oct. 1, 2008, and Sept. 30, 2009, and who defaulted before Sept. 30, 2011. More than 3.6 million borrowers from over 5,900 schools entered repayment during this window of time, and approximately 489,000 of them defaulted” (, 2012).

With Statistics like these we have to ask ourselves if the cost of education is worth it. With millions of people out of work can we rationalize spending an average of over $20,000 on higher education without the guaranteed job that it once provided?  Although long term a college education will provide more income in the average life span of a graduate, what do we do in the meantime?

Those who currently deal with this type of debt can rest assured that there are options available and help out there.  At Degrees of Success a client can expect to:

  • Be educated about their debt
  • Be given a range of options that best fits their needs
  • Be given affordable payment plan options for expert advice
  • Be treated confidentially and with respect
  • Be given the results they need in a timely fashion

Getting the help you need can be the difference between making it through and falling flat on your face.  Too much time and energy and work is put into completing college to end up broke…isn’t the point of college to make more money?  If you don’t take the time out to handle your student loan debt you could end up like the over 480,000 defaulted students who have ruined their credit.

The worst thing to do is do nothing.  The debt exists whether you want to acknowledge it or not and there are many ways to put off making payments and even have the loans forgiven but you have to start with getting the help you need.  It can be quite scary to get bills from several different lenders asking for payments higher than you make in a month to pay.  However, there is a light at the end of the student loan tunnel. Contact Degrees of Success for that light.

The truth behind education is that it just isn’t what it used to be and can’t guarantee a good job (at least not right now).  Making the decision to continue on to a college or university is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  There are all sorts of benefits to being educated and our society needs as many well educated members as it can get, however, you have to make sure you can pay for this education at least until we become a country that values education enough to provide it to all those seeking it. Until that day comes make sure you take advantage of the resources out there.

Below you will find a video from Peter Schiff that gives an interesting view point on just how tough it is out there in case you didn’t know.  However, ultimately only you can decide whether a college degree is right for you or not.

The views of Peter Schiff is not a direct reflection of the views of Degrees of Success but rather a tool being used for entertainment purposes only.

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