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We understand that trying to navigate through student loan forgiveness can be exhausting and overwhelming. Complicated applications, coupled with confusing laws that constantly change can make it seem impossible to get ahead. Here’s how we help our clients: 


Calculation of best repayment options based on available circumstances


Settle or negotiate settlement with creditors on your behalf


Development of solid plans of action to pay down debt


Loan application assistance


Complete all necessary forms & applications

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What You Can Expect from Working With Us

Airtight Applications

The rules, laws and stipulations for debt management can be confusing and change often. We stay up to date so you don’t have to

Increased Credit Scores

Student loans do have an effect on your credit score, so by qualifying for forgiveness you can see a huge improvement

Expert Communication

To get forgiveness it is best to have a professional who knows what they are doing and can make the process simple

About Degrees Of Success

Degrees of Success is a debt management company that helps borrowers with student loan debt by decreasing their monthly payments, and qualifying them for forgiveness options provided by the government where available. 

Dr. Genevieve “Gen” Dobson is a student loan expert, debt management specialist and three-time author. Dobson saw the need of those who were suffering from student loans without having an expert to turn to that would ensure they made the right decisions. Dr. Dobson’s goal is to ensure that everyone can get the help they need to manage their loans which is why she began Degrees of Success in 2010.

Dr. Genevieve Dobson:
Student Loan Expert, Debt Management Specialist, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant 

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Chris Brzezinski, Previous Client

Gen is a rock star! She has helped me get my credit score out of the dumps (it’s gone up over 100 points in the last year!) and has taken care of doing all dirty work involved with getting my loans back in good standing! I was able to open a business and I wouldn’t have been able to cover startup costs if it wasn’t for her.

Pierce Brunson, Previous Client

I have worked with Gen multiple times on my student loans. Every time she did an outstanding job getting the information needed to make my payment as low as possible. The student loan rules change all the time. It is best to do as much research as possible and then talk to Gen about a direction you desire for your financial needs. With us she was professional and helped us go in the direction we requested to be best for our financial situation.

April Brown, Previous Client

Gen is AMAZING!! Her knowledge of the student loan industry was astonishing to me. She was able to working out payment arrangements for me that I can afford and live with. I now know what questions you ask, what information to seek and the resource to resolve my student loan issues. I still have a long way to go but I finally have a handle on my student loans because of the time and care Gen took to make sure I was ok. Thank you so much, Gen! You have been a blessing!!

Sarah Arnold, Previous Client

Dr.Dobson is a TRUE Godsend! She took the time to truly dig in to my case, always had my best interests at heart and helped to manage all that went along with it – Including making endless calls, completing paperwork and guiding me when I needed to contact the loan companies independently.

She is very easily accessible & responsive, which is something I greatly appreciate and respect. I share her name and services with all of my friends who also want their debt erased via income based repayment – it’s a tricky program to navigate …. and she knows the in’s and out’s.

Thanks to Dr.Dobson, I’ll be starting my 37th year of life debt free of student loans!

Thank you so much, Dr.Dobson. My family and myself are forever grateful.